Top 8 Videos Of Ios Greece

In September 2015 little over a month since our #LifeOnIos video project came to an end 25 videos have already been created.!

In July 2015 we invited eight video bloggers from around the world to experience the life on the famous Greek island of Ios for a week each in order to create one video each in there own personal style and distribute it while on location.

So take a look at the Top 8 Videos Of Ios Greece created during our #LifeOnIos project.

By Peter Parkorr

By Girl Vs Globe

By Viajando Con Diego (Spanish)

By Pra Ver Em Londres (Portugese) 

By Give For Granted

By Estavam Pelo Mundo (Portugese) 

By Tim Pogo

By Alicia Explores 

In just over 1 month these 8 videos have been viewed by 21, 226 people and still counting!

 Since July 2015 a total of 25 videos have been created by our team of talented video bloggers which have been viewed by

41, 593 people and still counting!  

More videos are still to come …..

The aim of our project was to show the unknown side of the island and the mision was accomplished in the most creative way!  

Our sponsors and media partners for the event included.

Visit Greece, Aegean Airlines, Greek Travel Pages, TravelDudes, Lonely Planet, Travel Massive,Luxurios Island

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