Unique, tailored and Royalty free. JukeDeck is an artificially intelligent music composer that allows you to create your own brand new, original royalty free music track in just some seconds.

Jukedeck is the new & cool way to create your own music! We think this is ideal for travel brands & travel bloggers when creating new content.



If you have ever tried to make a video for your brand you know how it goes. You have done the hard part, spending time, hours and even days capturing your product or the destination you are visiting, you get the concept right of a great video. So now it’s time to find the right tunes!

Not as easy as you might think, and also quite disappointing sometimes.

Finding the right royalty free music seems to be a challenging adventure a lot of travel brands & bloggers alike deal. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly more important to create videos to show off your product or destination and market your brand to attract or engage your target audience. Videos can be a great way for people to experience a destination before they visit and music adds value by creating the right atmosphere so getting the soundtrack right really enhances the emotion and story of your video.

So what is Jukedeck and how it can make your life easier.

#1 You are the maestro!

JukeDeck is an artificially-intelligent music composer that helps you create your own brand new, unique and tailor-made music in a matter of seconds. You can write truly original tracks according to your specifications in just some seconds.

#2 You share the passion of music!

The minds behind the machine are a group of talented and inspiring composers, producers, engineers, academic and machine learning experts with origins at Cambridge University that have a true passion for music and technology.

#3 You can be free and playful!

Use your imagination and go as far as it takes you! Use the unique tracks you create for your destination & product videos & video blogs

Here are some travel videos featuring Jukedeck music that will inspire you.




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