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A group of local South African bloggers joined their digital forces to create Blogathon Durban a campaign to show The Best Things To Do In Durban This Summer. This campaign in partnership with Cheapflights and Durban Tourism, highlighted some of the city’s most iconic sights and activities, just in time for the busiest season on the South African coast.

Our 9 bloggers some local Durbanites, some returning visitors presented their audiences with a hand-picked list of their favourite things to do in and around the city of Durban. 

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blogathon durban

The global travel trend of Living Like A Local continues as consumers prefer and trust the opinions locals & peers rather than content created by brands which mean local digital content creators can be used as an insightful source of information for brands which help with decision-making when it comes to travel.

This was our third #Blogathon this year following Cape Town & Port Elizabeth.

The bloggers for our Blogathon Durban campaign created content about different niches ranging from budget travel to luxury and family travel, lifestyle and food, they excelled at creating high-quality, unique and engaging content that got actively shared across all social media platforms using the #CheapFlightsExplorers hashtag.

Blogathon Durban

Meet the 9 Bloggers

Tessa Buhrmann from Experience Luxury Travel grabbed Durban’s summer season (which almost comes down to 12 months a year) with both hands and explored the luxurious side of Durban with a high tea, a night on a yacht and an evening at the theatre.

“For a completely different accommodation experience be sure to check out Yacht Numzaan. This eight sleeper yacht offers the romance of sleeping ‘on’ the water, of waking up to spectacular sunrises, and having the flexibility of coming and going as you please.”

Durban NightLife

Verushka Ramasami from The Spice Goddess is a Durbanite and knows the city like the back of her hand. As a foodie at heart she shared some of Durbs’ top spots for a drink, a bite and an evening of pure bliss.

“Freak Milkshakes is the latest food/drink craze to hit the Durban Food scene. Chef Rev is the man behind these magically crafted milkshakes that are indeed a freak in the world of milkshakes.”

Durban Food

Bob Perfect from Durban In Your’s entertainment-focused local blog, knows what’s happening, the gigs that are lined up, who to watch and where to catch the greatest shows the 031 has ever seen.

“While there are a ton of comedy gigs going down this Summer, Saturday Night Laugh consistently provides the finest in local stand up every Saturday. The brainchild of Durban comedy stalwarts Neil Green, Richelie B and Carvin Goldstone.”

Durban Nightlife

Dawn Jorgensen from The Incidental Tourist described Durban as an African city and, giving her love for the ocean, she recommended a few salty adventures as well as old and new discoveries in the heart of the city’s center.

“Durban is a city that deserves a closer look and exploration. I know that each time I visit I uncover a new aspect to it that draws me further in and leaves me wanting for more.”

Durban skyline

Di Brown from Roaming Giraffe explored Durban with a few locals and shared some of her favorite outdoor things to do plus tips on where to go to get the best photo.

“A short drive will get you to the best pier of all, Umhlanga Pier. The iconic curved railings, and adjacent lighthouse and rock pools are waiting to be explored and photographed.”

Durban Beach

Iga Motylska from Eager Journeys explored Durban by foot and mouth, from the sky and the shore and after experiencing the 031 through the eyes of local Instagrammers she suggested adding the vibrant city to your travel list this summer.

Durban Tourism’s freelance tour guides offer two walking tours through the city. While the tours can be tailor-made and you can choose them based on your interests, the most popular are the oriental and the historical walks.

Durban Harbour

The Magnin family from Tazz Discovers experienced the sunny shores together as a family and focused on fun, yet educational places to explore on day trips, a short and scenic drive away from the Durban’s hustle and bustle.

“Start out small and explore Umhlanga on your first day. Kick off your trip by giving education a nod with a visit to the Natal Sharks Board.”

Moyo Pier

Meruschka Govender from Mzansi Girl gave the local low down for summer as she focused on the city’s unique and creative areas. She also shared her insights on where to go if you want to catch some live music.

“8 Morrison is a co-office, retail, design and events space in the trendy Rivertown Triangle in the Durban CBD. From food markets to music gigs to workshops, the creative vibes are happening in this vibrant space.”

i love durban

Sara Essop from In Africa and Beyond shared a family-friendly itinerary that will take you from the ocean’s warm waters and rickshaw adventures to towering sand castles, a sugar mill and a spicy bunny chow, to one of Africa’s largest malls.

“Durban is warm all year round, the people are friendly, it’s affordable for those on a budget and it’s got a great location along the shores of the Indian Ocean.”

durban beach front

Join African Bloggers Network Africa’s first professional blogger network. Our core values are based around providing Professional, Effective & Creative content marketing services to local and international brands and destinations.

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