Outsite California is putting an end to the dreaded “cocktail event” with a new networking series for people who like to do fun things in nature with others who share their passions. Unplug in Big Sur or jump on the Startup Surf Bus this summer. And for those of you looking to book some work+play time this fall, both houses boast upgrades to help you get away and get focused.


PLUG IN: Santa Cruz Office Makeover

Britt Buck led the charge with Google Architect, László Varga, to create a more open and inviting workspace designed to plug in and connect. Spend more time at your beach office this year. Stop by Outsite Santa Cruz for a visit.


A few weeks ago, eleven people set out to one of the most beautiful places in the world. They turned off phones, shut down laptops and jumped in the water (some of us with spears!). Here is what happened … Be sure to sign up so you are the first to hear about our next unplugged adventure.

NETWORK AT THE BEACH: Jump on the Start-up Surf Bus

August 22nd they are hitting the road on a road-trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz (in a VW van) for a day at the beach. Join a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who would rather network over a surf break than a lunch break. Learn to surf or serve up some fresh ideas on the beach volleyball court. They want to help you challenge your business ideas and find what inspiration comes when you get outside the box and in the water. Reserve your spot now (only a few left!)

End your day rubbing elbows with Leonard Widrich, Co-founder of Buffer Kate Kendall founder of CloudPeeps and Chelsea Rustrum from It’s a Shareable Life

OUTSITE SAN DIEGO: Get back to the beach

Outsite San Diego is taking fall bookings! It’s the time of year when you naturally refocus and hone in on you professional priorities. Why not get away to get focused. The house is big and so are the waves. Book your retreat now.

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