Recently we have been using a new app called FOV for creating 360 pictures for our clients. FOV has become a phenomenon in 360 apps with more than 900k downloads in 160 countries. Just one year after our first version, they are about to release a unique feature called “Teleportation”.

FOV App Creating 360 Pictures

“FOV users have loved to travel in 360 degrees through our Explore screen. 

You can travel the world without leaving home as once a day, FOV will teleport you to extraordinary places and exclusive events in 360 degrees. No cardboard or headset required. Escape from the everyday routine: swim with dolphins on Monday, climb the Everest on Tuesday or go backstage at the Fashion Week on Wednesday. FOV gives you access to amazing events: stadium field, concert backstage… And makes you travel like never before: follow a herd of elephants in Kenya, dive with sharks in Australia, without leaving your couch.

“We give meaning to 360 pictures which are often used as gadgets”

Says Arnaud and his team …….


Creating 360 Pictures

THE FUTURE OF PHOTOGRAPHY – FOV is also a fantastic 360 camera, to take your own immersive pictures and share the places you love, with just an iPhone! Move your arm in all directions to discover the image and experience a unique feeling. Classic panoramas are outdated. FOV pictures can be shared through iMessage (which is a world first), WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook.

“Photos have been rectangular and static for 130 years, but smartphones are changing the standards. We are convinced that everyone will find static photos as frustrating as silent movies in the near future.”

Says Pierre Dulac, Co-founder, and CTO ……

FOV is based on the first real-time stitching algorithm embedded on a mobile phone, FOV creates immersive pictures faster than Google Street View and all the other 360 apps. This technology has needed 18 months of research and development.

To download, FOV go to the Apple Store.

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