During a summer in Greece, two very talented travel influencers met on the island of Ios. Little did they know that a chance meeting like this would change their career forever and they would be creating snapchat sensations.

By bringing creative people together to share ideas we hoped something amazing would happen …

Creating Snapchat Sensations

Creating Snapchat Sensations

Both Lucas (Brazilian) and Alicia (British) had been invited to be part of our video project to promote the Greek island of Ios. Alicia had been invited because of her skills and experience in front of the camera and to produce videos for Lonely Planet and Lucas had been invited for his skills in front of the camera and for his skills using Snapchat.

Our video project was called #LifeOnIos an innovative and creative marketing campaign which was designed to promote and rebrand the Greek island of Ios. Top vloggers and digital storytellers from around the world were invited to share their experiences with their audiences in four different languages and on three continents.

The LuxurIOS brand hosted eight video bloggers for a whole month from US, UK, Brazil, Spain and Germany offering them unique experiences to feel inspired and produce content for their audience. They all had different niches and styles of creating content via different platforms for fashion, adventure, luxury and lifestyle enthusiasts.

By bringing creative people together to share ideas we hoped something amazing would happen and it did when Lucas introduced Snapchat to Alicia.

Alicia’s Story


I’ve never met anyone as enthusiastic about Snapchat as Lucas…(aka Brazil’s very own Mr Snapchat) and that enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

Lucas and I became great friends after meeting on Ios and he was so encouraging that Snapchat would be an ideal platform for me to be on. I’ve been creating and presenting video content for 10 years, but I hadn’t become a self-confessed Snapchat addict…until I met Lucas.

He taught me that Snapchat isn’t about being perfect – in fact, it’s quite the opposite! It’s about being natural, not being afraid to show your mistakes, having fun and letting your audience get a behind-the-scenes look at your life.

Within a few months, my audience grew rapidly and I was amazed that I had been listed as one of the world’s best travel bloggers on Snapchat in articles on Elite Daily, Matador Network and The Huffington Post.

I was then invited by Travel Massive to co-present at ITB Berlin and talk in front of 500 people about Snapchat strategy for travel businesses.

Snapchat has become a travel industry buzzword and so many brands are curious about this rapidly growing platform. Since then, I’ve been doing Snapchat workshops for businesses, brand collaborations – and Lucas and I look forward to reuniting and working together again soon! 

If you would like so follow Alicia’s adventures go to her blog or on Snapchat: AliciaExplores

Lucas’s Story

Lucas Estevam


When I first got into Snapchat (about a year and a half ago), I was wondering why were so many Brazilians interested in this APP. Of course, I had no clue about how powerful Snapchat was. However, it was all about to suddenly change when I found myself getting hooked!

Snapchat is the most innovative idea since Youtube, And I tell you one sure thing: no one wants to “wait” for information. Time is money and money is time, so, sometimes, a 10-second video during a live experience is more valuable and interesting than posting your summer vacations on HD extraordinary resolution Vimeo file a few months later.
Of course, I am not saying long and well-edited video content will disappear, but hey, why not post things instantly if you can rapidly grow and engage your audience?
I was the living proof of Snapchat during my last summer sessions at #LifeOnIos. This amazing project was responsible for me meeting Alicia and testing my Snapchat skills in Europe for the first time! I finally saw thousands of people watching me daily and I made sure Alicia would get into there and then rather than wait for the perfect place, equipment or light conditions to start snapping.
The result? First I got strange looks (I am not kidding! Many people would ask me “why do you talk so much to your phone” or “why don’t you use the professional camera in your room”?).  The reason is that being professional on Snapchat is not about expensive lenses or filming techniques, but simply about being yourself and having fun! If you have fun, simply show what brings you to destinations and make sure your internet connection will not let you down, then you’re ready to knock out stereotypes and be a Snapchat sensation! Trust me.
If you would like so follow Lucas’s adventures go to his blog or on Snapchat:LucasEstevam1

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