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This year the Greek island of Syros hosted its first blogger campaign #DiscoverSyros. The campaign attracted content creators from 8 different countries who all got to enjoy 4 days on a Cycladic Island to Discover Syros Greece for its history and culture each sharing with their global audience using the #DiscoverSyros hashtag.

Discover Syros Greece

Supported by local businesses and the local municipality, the Discover Syros campaign has been seen as a great success with 63.000,000 impressions and 8 million reached via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plus not to forget 10 blog posts and 3 videos.

Meet The Bloggers

Photo Credit: The Life Of Jord

Nathan Aguilera

The #DiscoverSyros trip was my first ever visit to Greece- a country I always knew I would love but somehow had never found my way there. I had high expectations for Greece and Syros really over delivered on all of them. 

The people were so incredibly friendly, the sunsets were gorgeous, the small neighborhoods on the island were picturesque and of course, the food was next level. 
I stayed in Greece for another week after the press trip and visited another (more famous) island. And not to say it wasn’t nice as well but it made me appreciate Syros all the more. Syros still feels a bit undiscovered and it definitely less touristic than some of the more well known Greek islands. 

Illustrious Olivia

Being part of the #DiscoverSyros campaign meant to me an authentic Greek experience. Syros is in my opinion, an island that preserves traditional Greek culture and traditions, and it has a charm of ancient times that lingers everywhere you go. Nowadays, going to a destination where you don’t have to queue to take photos of landmarks and where you can have a quiet lunch by the seaside without the hustle of getting through crowds of tourists, is quite hard to find. So I found Syros to be an amazing destination and a great place for epic Instagram photos.

Diana Miaus

Syros island was such a surprise: how can a beautiful Greek island still remain untouched by the mass tourism? The #DiscoverSyros campaign made me feel like a discoverer, as the island is pretty untouched.
The so-called Lady of the Aegean has a great touristic potential: there are so many charming corners awaiting to be insta famous, pretty beaches and viewpoints for the nature lovers, a variety of restaurants for the foodies, cultural options for the history buffs and above everything, many stories to be told. That’s why I think that Syros will benefit from the work made by content creators. 

Mihaela Popa

When I was invited on a press trip to Syros Island I said “Yes” immediately, even if I have never heard of this island before. But I thought: “how can a Greek island not be nice?”. And you know what? It was above and beyond nice! It was love at first sight between Syros and I.

What I liked the most was how picturesque the capital city of Ermoupoli was and all the amazing views you can get if you know where to look.

I have not seen marble streets like here anywhere else. Add to that all the pastel of the houses and the bougainvillea in bloom and you got the perfect recipe for amazing photos Or take the narrow alleys and staircases of Ano Syros, a town build as a fortress up on the hill and you feel transported into a fairytale.

Syros is part of the Cyclades group so I don’t think I even have to mention the food and the beaches. All of excellent quality! Syros is truly a hidden beauty of the Cyclades and I was happy to be part of #DiscoverSyros project to put this gorgeous island on the tourism map, where it belongs.

Chrisostomos KamberIs

Discover Syros was a great campaign which focused on the people as much as it focused on the place. Those two elements were successfully balanced creating the perfect conditions for the destination to shine and for the content creators to find their stories and work as efficiently as possible. The organization was flawless and everything was executed in the most professional way.

Teresa Gomez

When I was invited to be part of the #DiscoverSyros project I’d already visited some of the most popular islands in Greece, but I had not heard of Syros. The idea of discovering a new island, particularly one that is off the typical tourist trail, was really exciting for me. It was a great opportunity for me to experience real Greek island life, away from the over-commercialization and overdevelopment that other better-known islands have gone through.

One of the focuses of my blog is the promotion of less known destinations by encouraging deeper travel, getting closer to local communities and creating more meaningful experiences, so Syros was the perfect fit for this. And judging from the reactions and comments I’ve received on the social media and blog posts I’ve published so far, it seems that a lot of travelers are now looking for destinations away from over tourism, where they can experience better interactions with local cultures. And Syros promises to be one of these places, where the local way of life has been preserved naturally.

Monica Suma 

Participating in the #DiscoverSyros campaign was a great way to see a different side of Greece, away from the swarms of tourists and selfie sticks. A more serendipitous, authentic Greece that doesn’t end once October hits, but is open year round.

I was pleasantly surprised with the architectural influences Syros displays, different than the usual whites and blues ever-present on most islands. I did not expect pastel neoclassical facades, Venetian buildings or French shutters; this is an atypical Greek island that stands out in character and pristine beaches. Syros rightly deserves its title of Lady of the Aegean, one that more people need to hear about! Many thanks to Kat and all the proud locals that showed us their island and made us feel right at home amidst all of them (yes, I also mean all that incredible food).

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Kat Von B

Exactly a year ago it dawned on me that I really knew nothing about the island my mother had told me stories about all my life so I wanted to Discover Syros Greece for myself. 
I had last visited as a teen and remembered very little so I decided then and there that I would go back and take some of my favorite content creators with me so that we all could create new memories of the place that I wandered as a child. 

Compass & Fork

Having visited the Greek Islands previously and loved it, when we were offered the opportunity to participate in DiscoverSyros, we jumped at the chance return.

Honestly, we had never heard of Syros and can’t figure out why! Most of the tourism seems to be other Greeks and it is a well-kept secret in international travel circles.  But we think this won’t continue for much longer!

From the moment we arrived on the ferry from Athens, we were impressed.  You can’t make it far before without noticing the marble streets and buildings.  There is an air of prosperity and class about Syros.  Boutique shops line the streets, inviting restaurants and welcome you like a long-lost friend.

If you explore the history and culture of Syros, you learn how as a central trading port between East and West, Syros, become so wealthy and prosperous. 

Fantastic beaches, without crowds, provide plenty of options to relax and enjoy the crystal, blue waters.  And it’s all very safe and affordable.  We are so glad we Discovered Syros!

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