Have you ever wondered what really inspires people to choose certain destination and supplier? Is it a certain photo? An article in travel magazine? Video on social media? Probably altogether.

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This is why Dream Travel Box  goes beyond photos, videos and blog posts and gives travellers a unique chance to feel the destination with all 5 senses by having a piece of destination delivered to their doorstep.

Dream Travel Box is a global marketplace, which is connecting potential travellers and locals in an authentic, sustainable, responsible and creative way.

It gives local suppliers a chance to present the uniqueness of their destination and get paid to send a box. For the travellers, it gives them a chance to feel their dream travel destination before they start their journey.



  1. Sign up and create your own profile
  2. Create one or more unique content of your own box  by posting a new listing.
  3. Start receiving orders from people around the globe.
  4. Pack and send Dream Travel Box and get paid for it.


By being a member of Dream Travel Box community, you are helping to make our world better and more connected. The Dream Travel Box team donates 0,5eur from every box to:

  • Support creative, authentic and unique projects
  • Help remote communities to develop in a sustainable way
  • Help supporting charity projects

Join The Dream Travel Box community on:

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Dare to dream, love to travel and send a Dream Travel Box.

Thanks to Maja Campelj Co-Founder of Dream Travel Box  for creating this post and coming up with this fantastic idea.

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