Being the biggest Greek island and the most southern island of Europe, Crete has still a lot to offer in outdoor activities, family travel, gastronomy and cultural experiences. After our short visit, we had the chance to visit some of the nice places close to Heraklion region and we got back with beautiful memories and these five pictures that will give you Five Reasons Why To Visit Crete In Winter.
We were invited to speak at the StartUp Week Crete about working with bloggers and influencers, The event took place in Heraklion on the island of Crete. The island that ticks all the boxes when it comes to a winter trip in Greece as you even have beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter.

Five Reasons Why To Visit Crete In Winter.

The Ancient Knossos 
The first European city lies just a breath away from the center of Heraklion. You can walk on the same path that the King Minoan did and enjoy the unspoiled green surrounding. The decoration, paintings, and architecture of this unique ancient city are amazing. Spend as much time as you want to feel the vibes of this wonderful place.
The picturesque Agios Nikolaos 
Beautiful mountains surround the sea and a picturesque port is a hot spot where you can find nice cafes, tavernas, and beach bars. The villages around Agios Nikolaos are ideal for a short road trip and offer many surprises for those who love to explore some more nature, culture, and history.
The View to the Venetian Port
Heraklion is the biggest city in Crete and offers some interesting sights not to miss inside the city. Stay at a central hotel and if you are lucky enough to have a view of the Venetian port, it will bright up your day. We stayed at Marin Dream Hotel just a short walk away from the old port which was a perfect location.
Sunset on the road
No matter where in Crete you travel to, spend some time to enjoy the sunset from a hill overlooking the sea. This photo was taken on the way back to Agios Nikolaos from Plaka village at the east part of the island.
Τhe Village of El Greco
Fodele is a tiny village in the heart of the mountains between Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion. It is known as the village where the famous Greek painter Domenico Theotokopoulos, famous as El Greco abroad, was born. Visit the museum of the village with his paintings and get to know the real source of his inspiration.
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