Life is better on a boat and HarbourSpot brings the sailing life closer to you with its unforgettable offerings of floating homes around the world.

The yacht-share company, HarbourSpot, is the world’s first booking on water website and the user-friendly and multilingual website with its real-time updates of availability and a secure payment processing system, make booking a night on a boat a real breeze. With nearly 7000 boats available – and a recent partnership with a well-known charter booking manager – you are spoiled for choice; catamarans, yachts, motor- and sailing boats are waiting and ready for boarding in their ever-expanding list of locations from Australia to Asia.

Floating homes around the world

Don’t miss the boat

Partner with HarbourSpot and Become An Ambassador, whether you are a traveler looking for a unique experience, a boat enthusiast, a boat owner or a blogger/social media influencer ready to share a different way of traveling with your audience, you have the world (and its water) at your feet.

HarbourSpot believes in authentic travel experiences and that life on a boat is not only better but that it is also contributing to a global change in the way we travel; it is that something different travellers are after, it is that unique human connection and that cultural interaction, it is an experience in the lap of luxury and the alternative to ordinary by simply offering something extraordinary.

Waking up to most incredible view from your boat is only one of the vantage points when choosing to spend a night on the water over traditional hotel accommodation; HarbourSpot allows its bookers to drift into an economical adventure or splurge on that once in a lifetime dream vacation, it is also an easy solution to accommodating more travellers when destinations are packed and fully booked. Whether you are looking for a place to stay for one night, longer or to celebrate a special occasion, the booking platform allows users to compare boats, amenities, destinations, itineraries, prices and more to ensure the perfect charter vacation.

Life is truly better on a boat and HarbourSpot welcomes you aboard.

HarbourSpot currently offers three services. “Berth” allows users rent out a mooring or docking slip, “Overnight on Board” is suitable for those who want to rent out a boat in the marina, and “Charter” applies to boat owners who are offering excursions to vacationers, with or without a crew.

Boat owners now have the entrepreneurial opportunity to turn their docked assets into profit and to be part of the future of travel. One of the many advantages of hosting is that owners don’t have to leave their berths empty and that they can have full control and peace of mind while keeping their fixed costs associated with ownership more than just afloat; HarbourSpot certifies the identity of user as its platform provides secure transaction procedures and a 24-hour customer service. Hosts will also benefit from multiple services such as cleaning, marketing, reservations, booking management, as well as transaction processing.

If you would like to work with HarbourSpot as a blogger please contact [email protected] with your ideas.

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