Group Connect makes group travel easy as the app that takes the hassle out of travelling in groups. With location-based technology, groups can connect, communicate and get the most out of their trip securely. The app is packed with useful features which make it easy to keep a group together, happy and on the move.

Never far from their toys

Group Connect Makes Group Travel Easy

Here’s how:


Travellers can stay in contact with their companions as well as people they meet along the way by creating and joining groups. Users can belong to many groups and each group can be viewed on an interactive map in which fellow group members’ locations can be seen in real time.

Meeting points:

This feature solves the problem of trying to find someone. Group Connect allows users to set meeting points by taking a photo of a place or choosing a spot on a map. Group members are alerted and clear directions to the meeting spot are provided.

Warning points:

Being in a new place highlights the value of local knowledge. Knowing where to go and where to avoid is possible with Group Connect. Users can create points on the map with a photo and description. These points are shared with fellow group members in real time, allowing them to know which places to visit or areas to avoid.


The perimeters function lets users set a perimeter around a fixed point allowing group members to wander freely in a set radius. If a group member wanders too far, they and the rest of the group are notified immediately.


Group Connect is all about staying in touch, every step of the way. The instant messaging feature allows users to participate in individual and group chats. This is great for keeping track of one another.


If users are in distress they can hit one button to let their fellow group members know. This feature sends the location, distance, directions and battery status of the person in distress to other group members. Users can then respond letting the person who sent the signal know that they’re on their way.


How to better understand your customers

Group Connect partners gain valuable insight into users’ behaviour through our Customer Management System (CMS). Our system captures powerful insights into travel data, target market behaviour and trends that can help you better understand your customers’ needs. Integration with Salesforce Chatter (coming soon) enables you to connect and communicate directly with your customers while they are on the go.

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