An innovative and creative marketing campaign which was designed by TCS  to promote and rebrand the Greek island of Ios. We invited top vloggers and digital storytellers from around the world to share their experiences with their audience in 4 different languages and three continents.

Do you want to know how this exciting project started?

In the summer of 2015  Ios, one of the islands of the Greek Cyclades became the center of attention in social media. Well, known digital influencers and video makers, not only visited the island but had the chance to live on it for a week, with the aim to tell their own side of the story as digital storytellers discovering  the hidden gems, it’s unknown sophisticated style and the unique high-end choices it offers. Ios, a world famous low budget destination and a summer destination for teenagers from around the globe, was now facing a challenge to officially present its hi-end venues with gourmet dishes from famous chefs, signature cocktails by the beach, top DJ’s playing at one of the most impressive clubs in the Mediterranean together with the best local products the island had to offer and the stories of people who have been living on the island for years because of  its amazing energy.
Thanks, to LuxurIOS Island Experience a luxury brand dedicated to the sustainable development of the island, we were invited to the island to help rebrand Ios through a new concept in Tourism Marketing as the next best destination for luxury travelers and explore new ways of marketing it in order to communicate the new, promising plans for its future.


We named this exciting project #LifeOnIos, we created the hashtag and for the whole month of July 2015 we experienced the unexplored Ios together with top video bloggers who traveled to the island from around the world to be part of the campaign.

LuxurIOS hosted eight video bloggers for a whole month on a week rotation. We selected top influencers  from US, UK, Brazil, Spain and Germany offering them unique experiences to feel inspired and produce content for their audience. They all had different niches creating content for fashion, adventurous, luxury and lifestyle enthusiasts.

In total over 20 videos were produced (View The Top 8) and at least ten blog posts were written about #LifeOnIos and the hash tag continues to be used by visitors to the island. Among our partners was , Lonely Planet who sent two video bloggers that, especially, loved the gastronomy and the lifestyle of the island.

Thanks to our partners Travel Massive, Luxurios, Visit Greece, Travel Dudes Lonely Planet & Greek Travel Pages

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