Through our past blogger projects for Hostelling International in South Africa TCS gained recognition from SouthAfrican Tourism and in April 2013 we were given the opportunity to be part of the historic #MeetSouthAfrica campaign as hosts for the adventure/backpacker Itinerary to showcase the high standards of the budget backpacker accommodation Hostellling Interntional members offer in South Africa.


The iambassador #MeetSouthAfrica blog trip was truly historic in many respects. In the course of ten days, 15 international travel bloggers from around the world embarked on four different itineraries (our adventure/backpacker trip being only one of them) covering all nine provinces of South Africa – the largest travel blogger event of its kind in Africa. The trip culminated in the very first travel bloggers conference at Africa’s biggest travel trade fair, INDABA, in Durban on May 10th.

Influential travel bloggers

iambassador works with a team of some of the most influential travel bloggers who specialize in a variety of niches. The group also includes widely recognized expert photographers and video bloggers (vloggers). This ensures quality content that’s varied as well as an expansive global reach through the blogs and the bloggers’ social media channels. These bloggers have been selected for their high level of professionalism, proven blogging skills, experience with blog trips and their wide social media networks.

The 15 #MeetSouthAfrica travel bloggers:

Using social media to tell the stories in real-time

During the blog trip, the bloggers utilized numerous social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, facebook, Vine, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube to share their experiences in real time (all vehicles were equipped with wifi) whilst using the hashtag #MeetSouthAfrica. The result: comprehensive coverage of the breadth and depth of the amazing experiences South Africa has to offer. To date, more than 1,000 photos have been shared on Instagram alone.

#MeetSouthAfrica in numbers

  • 15 travel bloggers
  • 4 itineraries
  • 9 provinces
  • 9,000+ tweets
  • 77.8 million tweet impressions or ‘opportunities to see’
  • 3.3 million twitter accounts reached
  • 1,059 photos on Instagram
  • 31,500 views within 12 hours of a single photo on Facebook posted by Uncornered Market
  • 60,000+ views of Viajando con Diego’s bungy-jump video on YouTube

Meet South Africa travel bloggers campaign

Media coverage of #MeetSouthAfrica.

The media coverage of the #MeetSouthAfrica blog trip and INDABA events was unprecedented. The campaign was mentioned by the likes of the South African Minister of Tourism and the CEO of South Africa Tourism during the opening ceremony of INDABA, and #MeetSouthAfrica was discussed several days later in the South African Parliament.

It was a great opportunity for Travel Concept Solution to be part of such an historic campaign and we would like to thank South African Tourism and iambassador.

For more info on this campaign please take a look at the iambassador website.

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    120,000+ views of Viajando con Diego’s bungy-jump video on YouTube

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