In the picturesque village of Oia on the idyllic island of Santorini in Greece, there is a sunset view steeped in history, unique local architecture, tranquillity, and ancient volcanic activity. It is synonymous with luxury, and it is spelled: Santo Maris Oia, Luxury Suites & Spa.

Santo Maris Oia, Luxury Suites & Spa ticks all the boxes – TWICE – for a luxurious yet authentic experience in Greece. Traditional architecture, private Jacuzzis on verandas, tailor-made furniture, elegantly decorated rooms, an infinity pool with views of the Aegean Sea, the renowned sunset of Santorini high-end culinary delights paired with fine wines are just some of the features of Santo Maris Oia worthy of that perfect Instagram shot. And as for the rest of the island, you’ll find yourself in a living and breathing picture-perfect postcard around every corner.

Nominated in The World Spa Awards

To add another cherry to all the other cherries that are already on top: Santo Maris Oia has also been nominated for Greece’s Best Resort Spa for 2017 Award.

Santo Maris Oia – do it for Instagram

Get up early for sunrise? Of course, you would for Instagram. Spend hours to get that one perfect sunset shot with the wind the right direction? Of course, you would for Instagram.

While the digital world of social media and influencers is growing at an exponential rate and still relatively new to some in the travel industry, luxury travel is definitely not a new buzz word and it is no longer just reserved for the VIPs and the rich and famous. It’s been around for ages, since the times of ancient Greece and it has become increasingly popular over the years; there has been a shift in values, from the material to the experiential, and people are choosing to spend their money on experiences, rather than possessions.  And according to a recent study, the future of luxury travel is looking even brighter; over the next 10 years, the growth rate in outbound luxury trips is projected at 6.2%, almost a third greater than overall travel (4.8%).

5 reasons why Santo Maris Oia will add a spark to your social media accounts:


Oia is a historical village that was strongly connected with the maritime life of the Santorinians and visitors can experience the old cave houses, the mansions, and blue-domed churches. Santo Maris Oia also follows a traditional Cycladic architectural style with rustic elements complementing the island of Santorini’s history and the added bonus of elegant features in the spacious suites and villas such as private Jacuzzis and terraces, Aegean Sea views, butler services and private pools.


Well-being and health are a key focus for many travelers on holiday and thanks to the onsite revival spa center guests can experience comfort with the healing touch of spa professionals offering unique experiences with ancient Greek techniques and products.


Indulge in locally sourced ingredients, and sensational home-cooked meals, dazzled with herbs from the Santo Maris Oia’s garden, at the in-house Alios Ilios restaurant. You will most definitely tweet before you eat.


Adventure and luxury is a match made in Greek heaven. If you can tear yourself away from your private Jacuzzi and villa, a world of activities awaits your camera and taste of adventures such as wine tours, boat tours, hiking trails, horse riding and sailing.


There is something magical about watching a sunset in Greece and experiencing its adieu for the day as it dips into the Aegean Sea, and in Oia, it is described as one of the “must do” things.  Witness the magic of golden hour from Santo Maris Oia where you can be perched up high, away from the crowds, with your camera in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Now, how Instagram-perfect is that?

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Put Greece and Santo Maris Oia on your dream list of luxury experiences. Santo Maris Oia Luxury Suites & Spa is open to collaborating with bloggers and influencers from around the world so you can tell your story of the amazing Greek Destination. Go ahead and contact them at [email protected] with your media kit.

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