East Macedonia and Thrace in the north of Greece is one of the most unexplored regions of Greece, ideal for nature enthusiasts, for lovers of adrenaline sports, for sea and summer adventures and for so many more that break the stereotype of the Cycladic style of holidays.

Discover more and you will be amazed! East Macedonia and Thrace could be a new & cool destination.

From the glorious city of Kavala to the multicultural beauty of Komotini, our journey was full of fantastic surprises. A mix of an important civilization of the past centuries comes together with an unspoiled green nature full of lakes and national parks, high mountains with waterfalls, endless valleys, exotic beaches, picturesque towns and beautiful villages. It is a place where you can go for skiing in the morning and on the same day go down to the beach for a swim or even visit the nature reserve where flamingos hang out all year round.

A trip to East Macedonia and Thrace is an experience you just can not miss when in Greece! Enjoy!



Kavala, a picturesque town with amazing architecture, beautiful promenade and a lovely old town. Visit the castle, the local taverns for fresh fish food and homemade sweets and don’t miss the trendy little bars for a drink. From here Thasos island is just a breath away!




The Hotel Imaret is in the list of the best hotels in the world every year. Your stay here is an absolutely unique experience as it is more like a monument that offers hi-end hospitality services.




Just a couple of hours drive from Kavala it is the biggest waterfall in the Balkans: Leivaditis waterfall worth a visit even in the heart of winter where you will have the chance to see it frozen.




The island church of Saint Nicolas on the way to Komotini near Porto Lagos. A great spot for some good pictures of the sunset enjoying the tranquility of the surrounding lakes.




Flamingos in Greece? Yes, thousands of them are here all year round together with rare species of birds like eagles, pelicans, and so many others.




The cave of Aggitis river. Thousands of meters inside a cave just in the middle of nowhere. This is an old water mill that was built during the Ottoman Empire in order the water to reach the valleys of tobaccos.




Hiking in the mountains along with rivers and waterfalls. Nature surprises you in the heart of the winter. Enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, canoe rafting down the river of Nestos and so many more.


Thanks to EMT Greece for their kind hospitality during our trip & Content Traveller for the blog post.

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