Introducing the first-ever card celebrating the rise in solo female travel and reflecting the needs and wants as female travellers.Celebrating The Rise In Solo Female Travel

Celebrating The Rise In Solo Female Travel

The number of women solo travellers is increasing and with it, the amount of women searching for cultural experiences and recommendations from other solo female travellers. To celebrate this increase in solo travel, Girl about the Globe – an award-winning travel resource – has launched the first-ever solo travel card offering discounts within the travel industry to solo female travellers.

Solo Female Travel

The Solo Female Travel Card

The Solo Travel Card is an exclusive card for solo female travellers offering discounts on solo female-friendly products and services. Allowing them to save money, have reassurance on which companies to book through and help make an impact at the same time. There are discounts from 30 solo female-friendly brands, including volunteering placements, yoga retreats, girls getaways, backpacker travel passes, sailing holidays, tribal experiences, African safaris, worldwide airport transfers, culture guides, guide books, travel bras, in-flight skincare and so many more…

Celebrating The Rise In Solo Female Travel

Our Card celebrates the increase in women travelling solo. With more women travelling and seeking recommendations with who to book through, the card covers everything they need for their trips and give them peace of mind that they are booking with the right companies. To celebrate the launch each cardholder also receives a free “Plan Your Dream Solo Trip” course. This twelve part course takes them through the planning stages of their trip, step by step. They discover how to find the perfect destination, when to go and how long to go for, how to work out their travel budget, how to get around, where to stay and how to plan their perfect itinerary.

The card is open to all ages and each cardholder is assigned a virtual travel card with a personalised number. With our ethos on conscious travelling and making an impact, Girl about the Globe donates 10% off each card to organisations helping vulnerable girls about the globe.

We only recommend solo female friendly companies on the card so it’s a great opportunity to be one of the leaders within the solo travel market. It is a way of raising brand awareness and of an organisation growing their reach and displaying that they are a solo female company.

If you would like to become part of this pioneering new initiative either as a partner or as a distributor of the card get in touch with Lisa at [email protected]

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