Head South is a new, exciting App helping travellers to explore the best of South Africa. No matter how many glossy travel guides and books are out there, when we travel we want everything in our hands. Right here, right now. Top tips, recommendations, where to go for great food and nightlife, what to buy etc.

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Just Head South and enjoy the best, most useful tips and info that can make any trip an amazing experience!

The lucky ones who have friends everywhere they have easy access to top tips “ by locals”.  The rest just wish they had someone who could help them out…

Good news is that South Africa has now the best “local” to give some top tips for the best “what to do” experiences for every visitor coming to the country!

Head South Media has just launched a Travel App that connects travellers with the tourism entities. The App is an all-in-one App offering large and small tourism entities to showcase their products to visitors to South Africa.

Hotels, restaurants, events, shops, tours, transportation, spa are just some of the categories that anyone visiting South Africa can have at the palm of his hands.

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Thanks to the modern interface and its user-friendly tools and layout the App is as easy as it gets for users of all ages.

What we liked about the Head South App

What we love about this App is the special tool “Near Me” that allows users to discover South Africa through a directory that is very well organized and easy to use.

Even better, the offline capability allows access to all categories even when users are not connected on Wi-Fi! This feature makes the app so convenient at all times like you can have your “local buddy” with you at all times!

Here is some more about next-generation feature:

  • Multi-Region: Tailor made content for each province giving every are a personalized feel
  • Extensive Category: Information is categorized into sub and main categories in a simple and useful way.
  • Itinerary Builder: Save your points of interest for later use, all in one place.

Why to list your business on the Head South App

The main aim of Head South Travel App is to showcase the amazing beauty of South Africa to visitors from around the world together with the wonderful experiences they can have.

As the tourism market is advancing rapidly globally, the tourism entities play a great role in offering unique experiences to the visitors and making their trip unforgettable.

This very easy to use App works as a PA to the traveler and assist on his great journey.

It also prides itself in searching and loading as many tourism points of interests as possible which gives an added value to the general comprehensive service experience.

Last but not least: Tourism businesses can list their business on the app at no charge. Just visit the Head South website www.headsouth.co and follow the simple steps!!

Head South App is available worldwide for free download for Apple iPhone & Android.

Thanks, Content Traveller for creating the blog post

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