Travel is all about unique experiences and today’s travellers demand tailor-made activities and not “One Size Fits All” tours. Get an inside scoop of South Africa less touristic world with a new uber-style bespoke adventures so you can have South Africa The Way You Want It.

It’s a global trend that travellers today want unique, personalized services and not generic itineraries. Travel is all about the experience and having the opportunity to design your travel based on your interests and needs is a priority both for people who travel and for those who work in the travel industry.


South Africa The Way You Want It

Explore Sideways, has taken travel experiences to the next level by creating the first uber –style operational model for immersive and personalized travel experiences that connect travellers with curated itineraries matchmaking them with local experts and guides. Their highly personalised private tours and off-the-beaten-track wine, food and cultural experiences allow visitors the opportunity to be exposed to more meaningful experiences that scratch below the surface giving authenticity-seeking travellers the chance to discover South Africa unlike ever before.

Explore Sideways’ Chief Experience Officer, Brittany Hawkins, says “Explore Sideways was born out of a desire to share the incredible unique experiences of South Africa with the rest of the world. We’ve incorporated a fanatical level of curation in order to build the experiences that are sure to blow people away. As well as visiting the bucket list spots, it’s about meeting the winemakers, designers, and artists that create amazing memories of a holiday.”

Their team of insider concierges has curated over 25 unique experiences that take people to the hidden gems around the Cape, exposing them to influential people and enabling access to elements not on offer to the general public.


4  Tips for an Immersive travel experience

#1 Insider Knowledge 

Travelers want to feel like they’re getting the inside scoop on the cool, local hotspots that aren’t necessarily listed in the guidebook. They want to go off the beaten track and discover people and places that only an insider can provide.

#2 Exclusive Access

This is the difference between standing in the crowd and going back stage. In a sharing economy, having the photo that nobody else has is the ultimate form of social currency. 

#3 Personalized Curation 

People want experiences that are as unique as they are. 

#4 A Local, Specialist Guide 

Travelers want to experience a place like a local that they can relate to and learn from. 


How it works

Once a tour is booked, a guest’s demographic and psychographic information is used to match-make them with a specialist guide. With over 30 specialized, certified guides in the Explore Sideways portfolio it allows for the ultimate level of personalizations. For example, wine tours are guided by local certified winemakers, history tours are guided by published historians, hiking tours are conducted by mountaineers, and there are over 11 language guides. 

Each specialist guide and vehicle is booked on demand, which means no overheads are accrued for fleet management or contractual guides, This offers guests a much better experience without the added cost.

Also, the on-demand model enables automated bookings on in addition to bookings from travel agents, concierges, and tour operators, providing them with a superior offering without the added effort. 

Highlight: Explore Sideways has recently partnered with Cape Concierge, A luxury villa rental service, to provide discerning travellers with a top to bottom experience that is curated every step of the way.

Nina Elvin-Jensen, owner of Cape Concierge says

“Our guests are seasoned travellers and can spot a package tour a mile off. They’re looking for an experience that they hadn’t seen before. Great service is a non-negotiable too. Teaming up with Explore Sideways ticks all the boxes.” 

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