Last month we attended the first TBEX International Jerusalem, It was our 3rd experience of TBEX which is the largest conference and networking event for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, travel brands and industry professionals.
As a speaker TBEX this year as we where given the opportunity to talk about Digital Story Telling While On A Road Trip which was a concept we started last year in Namibia.

TBEX International Jerusalem

Jerusalem was chosen as our first TBEX International destination because of its rich multi-cultural history,” says Patti Hosking, TBEX Vice President. “Geographically in Asia, but more economically and culturally aligned with Europe, Jerusalem is one of those special destinations that defies classification and is best explained as International. It’s a bucket list destination for many people.

The event was in partnership with local destination sponsors, The Jerusalem Development Authority, I Travel Jerusalem, and The Israel Ministry of Tourism, who certainly put on a good show for the 300 plus bloggers & new media professionals who attended the 3 day conference & tours. Take a look at the #TBEXJLM hash tag for more content produced during the event.

Israel Road Trip

After the conference we headed on a road trip in partnership with our friends from Abrahams Hostels to visit some of the famous sites in this small but diverse country.

Before we left Jerusalem we travelled the short distance to Bethlehem in Palestine to visit the church of nativity & the brand new Banksy Hotel (The Walled Off Hotel) in Palestine which we were lucky enough to visit on the first day it was open to the public.

TBEX International Jerusalem

No trip to Israel is complete without a trip to the desert to watch the Sunrise over the dead sea from the top of the Masada followed by a mud bath in the dead sea itself at – 430 below sea level! Its easy to see why some people chose to stay with out hosts Yehelim Desert Lodge  who are only 25 mins from the dead sea itself but 1000 higher which makes it a lot cooler in summer.

After the desert in the south we headed to the Northern Galilee & The Golan Heights in North just 60 kms from Damascus which at this time of year is a green an lush stark contrast to the desert in the south.

One of the great things about a road trip around Israel is that the country is small and you can make many stops on the way so on our way back from the Golan Heights we stayed for the night in the Arabic town of Nazareth in the The Fauzi Azar Inn which is a 200-year-old Arab mansion turned guesthouse in the heart of the city.

Where Jerusalem is amazing for its history and cultural mix Tel Avi is the place to visit for its amazing  energy and beach lifestyle.We stayed at The Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv is located in the heart of Tel Aviv surrounded by many of the city’s best spots and from there visited Jaffna which is the ancient Arabic suburb of the city and the ancient Roman Port of Caesarea which is an easy 45 min drive north of the city.

For more pictures from our Israel Road Trip please take a look at our Facebook page.

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