Recent tourism trends have shown that there is a definite shift in the way people travel. The increasing influx of conscious and experiential travelling is paving the way to give back to communities, to get off the beaten track and to experience unique cultures, activities and food.

Urban Tours, a local initiative in South Africa, has partnered with the Hermanus Rainbow Trust, to offer visitors an authentic glimpse of Zwelhilwe township.


Background of Zwelhilwe

Zwelhilwe means “place of beauty” and is a vibrant township on the outskirts of Hermanus. Zwelhilwe originated in 1963 after local black families were moved to a separate location. a barren land with no amenities or services. Years went by and the original number of 40 houses grew into a population of 30 000. If you fast forward to a few decades later Zwelhilwe is living up to its name of beauty, it has become a thriving neighbourhood of schools, shops, churches, a library and a police station, but with great changes also come great responsibilities.

Urban Tours – An Opportunity To Give Back

The vision of Urban Tours is to empower the community of Zwelhilwe and through their partnership with the Hermanus Rainbow Trust a unique opportunity has been brought to life. The Urban Tours experience in Zwelhilwe will introduce visitors to the vibrant lifestyle of the township and guests will be welcomed into the homes of the local families.

Urban Tours work closely with the Hermanus Rainbow Trust’s Parenting Works Programme to ensure that all the families will receive visitors and support on a rotational basis to create equal opportunities for families to earn an income through the Township Tours. There is a strong focus on providing parents with skills to ensure successful early childhood development and to build a better future as the Parenting Works Programme concentrates on the disadvantaged and single parent families as well as the pregnant women.

Through the township of Zwelhilwe opening its doors to tourists and with the help of Urban Tours and the Hermanus Rainbow Trust, 145 families are empowered and provided with the chance to improve their lifestyle and the lifestyle of their children.

On the outskirts of Hermanus lies a place of beauty. On the outskirts of Hermanus lies Zwelhilwe; a place offering unique cultural exchanges, glimpses into the lives of a community with different religious, geographic and socio-economic backgrounds and a one-of-a-kind visit to gain a deeper global understanding of South Africa.


More About The Tours

Urban Tours offers day trips to Zwelhilwe township with a pick-up and drop-off point in Hermanus. Tours include unique photo opportunities, a guided tour of Zwelhilwe with a Hermanus Rainbow Trust representative as well as a local guide. A sizeable percentage of the cost of the tour will go the families of Zwelhilwe.

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