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Our latest campaign, Blogathon Port Elizabeth in partnership with Cheapflights  and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism,  gathered a group of nine local bloggers in Port Elizabeth to create blog posts and share local tips about their city to support their #ShareTheBay summer campaign.

The focus of this #Blogathon was Things to do in Port Elizabeth and the group was a mix between travel, lifestyle and parenting bloggers who all shared their tips on restaurants, sights, and activities in and around Nelson Mandela Bay.

Join the African Bloggers Network 


Our two other, #Blogathon – Cape Town proved digital word-of-mouth and storytelling by locals is a very trustworthy source of information and allows a brand to support a blogger and gain great reach from their communities.

The content of the blogs varied from active holidays to budget-friendly discoveries has a look at what the bloggers who are all part of the growing African Blogger Network, had to say.

Things To Do In Port Elizabeth

Meet The 9 Bloggers

Megan Kelly from By Megan Kelly  focused on budget and kid-friendly things to do and shared,

“There’s a bunch of budget and kid friendly activities for you and your family to enjoy and no matter whether you are from the concrete jungle or from Port Elizabeth, you can’t help but keep falling in love with our white sandy beaches”.

Megan Kelly

The Dirsuwei family from Chasing The Rainbow compiled three itineraries (for a one, two or three day visit) and said,

“With its unspoiled beaches, rolling sand dunes and warm Indian Ocean, PE is heaven on earth for nature lovers. Throw in a fascinating history, a buzzing city vibe, some very trendy restaurants and inhabitants renowned for being friendly and voila – holiday heaven”.

Shark Rock Pier

Jonker Fourie from Firefly The Travel Guy took his readers on a few hikes in and around Nelson Mandela Bay, he shared,

Summer is fast approaching which means longer days, better weather and more time to spend outdoors over weekends hiking one (or all) of my nine favorite nature trails”.


Anje Rautenbach from Going Somewhere Slowly put together a weekend itinerary of some of her favorite spots and shared,

“The seaport city of Port Elizabeth is the ideal weekend breakaway if your wandering soul is asking for adventure, nature and a dash of culture”.

Street Art

Kate Els from IndiKate  showed her audience what to do in Port Elizabeth in 48-tried-and-tested hours, she mentioned,

“It may be the windy city, but Port Elizabeth and greater Nelson Mandela Bay is one of the tastiest cities in South Africa; there are so many excellent restaurants”.

Kate Els

Eleanor Doughlas from Just Ella Bella , gave her suggestions of a week’s worth of wallet-friendly things to do with your kids in Nelson Mandela Bay and said,

“If you are planning on visiting our neck of the woods, you can easily do so on a budget and one day is not nearly enough to take it all in”.


Luchae Williams from My Spreadsheet Brain thought about the upcoming school holidays and got summer ready with her toddler, she revealed,

“Our sunshine coast is well known for its abundant selection of sand and surf spots; the suntan haven between Schoenmakerskop and Sea View, has picnic facilities and a near perfect beach”.

The Boys

Nadine Rose Larter from Passing The Open Windows focused on the things she loves, enjoys and frequently visits in the Bay and shared,

“Port Elizabeth has so much to offer, from temperate weather to blue flag beaches to adventure and tons of touristy fun stuff, but I have to admit that my favorites are more of the understated kind.”


The Magnin family from Tazz Discovers dubbed Nelson Mandela Bay as an ideal family-friendly destination and shared their adventures from the city centre to the outskirts. The family said,

“There’s an old school charm about Port Elizabeth and the greater Nelson Mandela Bay area, that is something that should be cherished”.

Port Elizabeth Pier

Together with the 9 blog posts, reached an astounding 660 000 people on Twitter, with multiple shares and thousands of views on Facebook.

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