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The first #ThisIsChobe social campaign took place in 2014 with one travel blogger exploring the diversity of the famous Chobe region of  Botswana on a four-night itinerary. Four years later, we are supporting the third edition of the campaign through Africa Travel Network only this time there are eight travel industry experts and social media influencers sharing their experiences of the Chobe River & Chobe National Park via social media using the #ThisIsChobe hash tag.

This Is Chobe

The four-day campaign is hosted by Chobe Game Lodge which was originally built in 1973 as the first 5-star property of its kind in Botswana. Till this day, its stands as the only lodge located inside the Chobe National Park along the Chobe Riverfront. With the recent renovations that have gone on over the past few years, the lodges key consideration was to minimise their impact on the environment, and to lead the way in sustainable and responsible tourism in Botswana, while continuing to deliver exceptional, once in a lifetime safari experiences for their guests.

The #ThisIsChobe National Park Influencer Campaign

This Is Chobe

This year’s itinerary is an action-packed safari focused on uncovering the diversity of the Chobe National Park and the Kasane region. Not only will our experts & influencers explore and experience the abundant wildlife within the Chobe National Park, but also they will delve deeper into the conservation efforts that are ongoing at Chobe Game Lodge as well as in the Kasane region at large.

Meet The Influencers & Industry Experts.

Meet our eight travel industry experts and influences and see what they have to say about their trip to the Chobe National Park with Desert & Delta Safaris and Chobe Game Lodge.

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Shaun Scrooby 

Owner – Shaun Scrooby WildLife Photography

I have been going to the Chobe for years and there are no other place on earth that provides the opportunity to photograph elephants like the Chobe Riverfront and the National Park (especially the month of October). It is exciting to be able to form part of a group of like-minded people that want to get the word out there of how good the Chobe really is.

Shelley Cox

Co-owner – Africa Conservation Travel 

Considering its significance as the oldest and most biologically diverse National Parks in Botswana, Shelley is excited to learn more about the unique and historical aspects which have made Chobe what it is today in all it’s abundance. Shelley is also keen to experience and showcase the important ecological aspects of Chobe as a vital component of the KAZA Trans-frontier Conservation Area to highlight the urgent requirement to maintain wildlife corridors between countries. 

Nick Milne 

Founder – Bumi Hills Foundation 

Considering Chobe is a new destination for Nick, he is excited to be exploring this important region of Botswana in more depth with an organisation who lives and breath’s this area. Nick is also interested in learning more on the conservation initiatives that are working alongside tourism to ensure the preservation of Chobe and its wildlife. 

Tessa Buhrmann 

Owner – Responsible Traveller

Wow, there’s so much to be excited about regarding the #ThisIsChobe campaign… from the abundant game – looking forward to seeing large herds of elephant from the water, the vast expanses of the Chobe Game Reserve from open game viewing vehicle, seeing the biggies and also appreciating the cool little critters, birds and trees; to meeting the fabulous people, both staff and local communities that call Chobe home; to the varied and abundant experiences that Chobe hospitality offers and to learning more about Desert & Delta’s responsible tourism initiatives. Can’t wait to share the #ThisIsChobe experience with readers and followers… to say I am excited is an understatement!!  

Ryan Brown

Consultant – Go2Africa 

As a new resident of Africa and a relative newcomer to the safari industry, I’m excited to experience more of Botswana. I’m looking forward to discovering first-hand what makes Chobe a unique destination and sharing that story with potential travellers from around the globe.

Louis Nel

Consultant – Go2Africa

I love the bush and have been on a couple of self-drive adventures around Kruger and in Namibia, but #ThisIsChobe will be my maiden safari experience. That’s why I’m immensely excited about this campaign! Really looking forward to visiting Botswana’s elephant kingdom.

Mana Meadows 

Photographer – Mana Meadows

Elephants! I’ve never been to Chobe and have always wanted to, especially to see the huge numbers of elephants for which the park is so well known. The photographer in me is also very excited for the rich game-viewing opportunities and to meet the beautiful Chobe river. Thank you to Desert & Delta Safaris for the chance to become part of the growing #ThisIsChobe community!  

Matt Blair

Video Producer – The Rusty Mokoro

Not only does the Chobe region have some of the most abundant and diverse wildlife populations in Southern Africa, but it also has an incredible geographical and cultural history that I am looking forward to experiencing and capturing during the ThisIsChobe campaign.

Follow The #ThisIsChobe hashtag

We invite you to join our visitors as they showcase their experiences on #ThisIsChobe between the 27 and 29 October 2018. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be alive with daily posts from the Chobe Riverfront. You can also follow via Africa Travel Network & @ThisIsChobe on all platforms for regular updates.

Want to work with African bloggers & influencers? Contact African Bloggers Network 

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