In July 2015 we took up residence on an island for a month to run a different style of tourism marketing campaign.

The new experimental concept in tourism marketing is for our client LuxurIOS Island Experience, with the support of the Greek National Tourism Office and the Travel Massive Community took place in the middle of summer in Greece!


The Unique Characteristics Of  The #LifeOnIos Campaign,

Working together with our client, we created the concept of a video campaign focusing on the sustainable development of the island and producing video while on location . We brought together the National Airline of Greece Aegean Airlines and the Greek National Tourism Office to support our project as sponsors. We also promote the project to at least 20 various online media agencies locally & internationally which secured strong media partnerships with the top influencers in travel such as Travel Dudes and Greek Travel Pages Greece.

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All Videos Where Produced While On Location.

Another unique characteristic of #LifeOnIos is that all the content creators were producing and distributing their videos while on location with the opportunity to measure their influence and impact as a real-time marketing campaign.
The exciting journey began in Athens Greece with the final destination being the Greek island of  Ios. Digital storytellers and top new media influencers from Europe, Brazil and US lived for a whole month (on a one-week rotation) on the island and shared their experiences with the world via video and other visual social media content.

Their mission was…  hard!

They enjoyed the hospitality of LuxurIOS Island Experience, participated in special events with top international DJs at Pathos lounge, explored the pristine beaches of Ios, tasted the rich gastronomy and the special local wines.

While living on the island during the summer they experienced how real life is when travellers from all around the globe come to this cosmopolitan island to explore the diverse sides of it and course have fun in the sun.

One part of the project was the Travel Massive Un-Conference, which was also an experimental concept that took place for the first time in Greece. The aim was to bring together travel industry experts, innovators, leaders and adventurous travel professionals from all around the world to create ideas and share knowledge about how to make a positive impact on travel for Ios Island and explore the endless possibilities for its sustainable future. (Top 8 Videos

The project was a great success and it created the #LifeonX series where any destination can now apply to have a bespoke marketing campaign based on video for its own needs and target audience.
#LifeOnX is a marketing campaign that aims to show a destination with a unique tailor made way producing creative content in real time. Where Next for Life On XContact Us to be our next destination.





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