Ahead of one of South Africa’s most famous wine festivals known as Wacky Wine we put together a team of social media influencers and took them to The Robertson Wine Valley for a bespoke  “Digital Story Telling Weekend”.

Our team consisted of  a Food Blogger, a Fashion Photographer, a Life Style Instagrammer, a Travel Journalist and a Travel Blogger plus a cameraman. Our aim was to film, produce and publish daily videos of our project to keep our followers visually engaged in real time showing that the valley and the festival are not only about fine wine but  also about a unique lifestyle, food pairing and the wine culture that goes with it.

Our team of influencers all used the hashtag #WackyWine to curate the content they produced via Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Three daily videos were produced during the weekend and  they were distributed in real time reaching more than 6000 views via Facebook & Instagram during our project while our influencers were all still on location creating content.


A few days after our weekend in The Robertson Wine Valley we published a roundup video with the aim of focusing on the food of our weekend called “More Than Just Wine”

If you like our real-time digital storytelling concept and would like a similar campaign for your product or region please Contact Us

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