Every year more travel brands, products, and destinations work with travel bloggers, influencers, and digital content creators but other still ask Why Work With Bloggers we have put together five simple reasons why you should be working with bloggers to improve your business.

Why Work With Bloggers

Why Work With Bloggers

5 Reasons why working with Bloggers is good for your business.

1. Eyeballs = word of mouth

Let’s face it, Everybody loves to read anything and everything about travel and dream of holidays. They also love talking about new places they have been or want to go to. Working with travel bloggers & influencers is a fantastic way for you to get your brand, product or destination seen and talked about by people all over the world.

2. Influence is everything

Did you know, that in a recent survey, 81% of the people surveyed stated that they trust the information they discover on a blog? But what’s really impressive, is 6 out of 10 of those people actually went on to make a purchase based on the blogger’s review/recommendations.

3. Driving sales growth

63% of consumers in that recent survey said that they were more likely to be influenced by a blogger than a magazine article. Working with bloggers is going to be more effective in the long run to build your credibility as a brand and drive that all important sales revenue.

4. It’s great for SEO

Let’s be honest. As a marketer, we are using PR, in all its forms, to reach a wider audience. Working with bloggers will also benefit your online presence through improved SEO:

  • keyword rich blog content
  • external back links to your website
  • social media posts, shares & mentions

5. Additional fresh content

All those bloggers writing about your brand product or destination is great for reaching new audiences. But it also means that you have plenty of fresh content to share with your fans on social media, By doing this you show to your existing audiences that you have a great product and you spread the good word about your bloggers.

If you would like to include Working With Bloggers, Influencers & Digital Content Creators in your digital marketing strategy please Contact Us to discuss your ideas.

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