What is Narrative Advertising


Imagine you had the chance to showcase and explain what your company does to your target audience in the best possible way promoting your USP in a creative and effective way through content that recommends your company through the experience you offer. 


We work with Traveldudes the biggest international social travel portal where thousands of travellers from around the world find inspiring content about global destinations. 

It is the first Social Media platform made for travellers, by travellers. The readers are travellers – and this is what every company in travel looks for.

Traveldudes is also award winning platform and one of the top global influencers in travel reaching to more than 1 million twitter accounts every week. 


All latest studies show how important experiences are for travellers.

Proving experiences are why we travel.

We travel to experience, to find something different and to do different activities . So it’s always more than useful to know beforehand where to go and what to do before you arrive.

Narrative Advertising or Brand Journalism is content with a mission; 

We write stories that sell based on unique content about activities certain companies offer in a destination. 

How It Works

The articles TCS are travel guides that provide useful info on location.

Here are some examples of South Africa. 

Best South African Experiences 

Reasons To Visit Swaziland 

Each article is based on the type of services and experiences the companies that participate offer, so each article is custom made.

We make sure we provide articles the readers appreciate & the companies that are sponsoring the article are presented as “Recommended by Traveldudes”.

When the article goes live we promote it via the large TravelDudes  & Travel Concept Solution Social Media networks  giving you extra value and exposure.

Contact us for more info and TravelDudes media kit.

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