If you are underwhelmed with conversions from your latest email marketing campaign you’re not alone, e-mail newsletters, open’s and click-through rates have gone stagnant or are declining in many industries as more and more people are looking at Digital Marketing With Messenger. 

The next big thing in digital marketing.

In the past couple years, a new marketing method has emerged, as advances in AI has made it possible to create automated ChatBots on Messenger platforms such as Facebook & Whatsapp.

Digital Marketing With Messenger

What on Earth is a Messenger chatbot?

A Messenger chatbot is an AI-fuelled script which can be set up to answer frequently asked questions and direct potential customers towards the desired answers all in a seemingly natural online chat.

They are able to competently direct potential customers to information and resources they are seeking to help them potentially make buying decisions which means as a marketing technique Chatbots open up a new world of marketing possibilities for business owners.

Let’s say you own a hotel or a tour company and a customer wants to know whether you have availability during the third week in July, a specially programmed chatbot can check to see what is currently not booked and provide them with a selection of bookable dates in its reply.

What’s more, they can also include links which can transport the user directly to the booking page, greatly increasing the chance they will make a booking.

Chatbots boast unreal conversion stats

Internet marketing is a daily game as every day you bid to get meaningful results but unfortunately, as web users have become increasingly numb to the presence of ads online, reaching them becomes harder and more expensive. 

Given this fact, recent statistics on the effectiveness of Messenger marketing have internet marketing professionals salivating.

According to a study conducted by Hubspot in 2017, the average e-mail message sent to subscribers over a test period had a 33% open rate, while the call-to-action link within the email message was clicked 2.1% of the time – a small number to be sure, but one that isn’t unusual these days.

About 20% of subscribers opted to receive messages via Facebook Messenger during the study and what researchers found shocked them as 80% of these messages were opened, while the CTA link enjoyed an eye-popping 13% click-through rate.

Do the math: at present, Messenger marketing messages are more than 600% more effective at driving clicks than e-mail marketing! 

How can a chatbot help my business today?

Unless you have room in your budget for round-the-clock customer support, your ability to serve customers promptly is unavoidably inhibited by human needs like eating, sleeping, and socializing with friends and family.

This is where a chatbot comes in –  if a customer wants to book on your website but they aren’t sure and need questions answered, they can have a series of questions answered by the bot to help them book.

Ok, I’m convinced – how do I get a chatbot of my own?

Customisation is the core feature of any effective chatbot – as such, setting one up which can fit the needs of your business will require some time investment.

Try The Travel Concept Solution Messenger Bot

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