Our first Travel, Golf, Lifestyle Road Trip was in partnership with Costa Brava Pirineu De Girona took us to Costa Brava, Spain. We created a digital marketing campaign to show the destination through the niche of golf rather than creating content that would only appeal to golfers. We created daily fresh new content through our team of top travel bloggers & influencers who also play golf.

The digital content we produced during our Travel, Golf, Lifestyle Road Trip included pictures, videos, and other daily social media updates for a new style of campaign to show a destination through the travel & lifestyle niche of golf.

We put our digital marketing expertise into our passion for golf to show a real travel lifestyle experience through unique immersive digital content.

Why Golf Is A Great Travel Niche.

  • Golfers are often an affluent demographic who enjoy the finer things in life. By showcasing road trips which golfers can easily replicate themselves, a destination can attract affluent visitors that can increase their revenue year over year.
  • Our road trips act as a road map for potential visitors taking away the hassle of planning their trip.
  • Golf needs a shake up! As experienced content creators for many destinations around the world, we show a different side of a destination with golf as our central theme.

Photos by Snell Media

Travel, Golf, Lifestyle Road Trip

The unique experiences a traveler can have on the road between golf courses are as much a part of the destination as the golf courses themselves. We showcased them all through our daily social media updates so our audience could really experience the lifestyle of playing golf in Costa Brava.

Hire A Car In Costa Brava


In addition to the daily social media content produced that reached over 5 million people using the #GolfCostaBrava hashtag we produced 13 videos including Trailer (published on location) 2 Road Trip Episodes & 1 Hero Video (below) plus 9 Daily Selfie Style Videos via one of our influencers Stop Having A Boring Life. 

Our Trip

Our road trip lasted for 10 days and took us to 8 golf courses & for people who play it’s often the lifestyle in between that is important when choosing a golf destination. Therefore the goal of our road trip in Costa Brava was to cater to those people and show the lifestyle of golf in Costa Brava and also show that it is more accessible and a less exclusive pass time to inspire visitors to maybe include golf as just one of the many experiences they can have while visiting the region.

Experiencing some incredible once in a lifetime experience’s apart from golf and breathtaking scenery were all major components of our trip. We combined all the finer things in life into one trip with golf as the theme to connect everything together while on a road trip.

We had the ability to move at our own pace and spend more time experiencing the others attractions the region has to offer such as

*For all the Golf Courses we played take a look at our Golf Guide To Costa Brava Spain

Pictures by Snell Media 

Many tourism boards see the desired end result of a digital marketing campaign being just the number of likes, shares, and comments. Our Travel, Golf, Lifestyle Road Trip offered Costa Brava Pirineu De Girona  the complete content solution.

Through our team of experienced influencers & content creators, we not only created content that delivers the engagement and impressive social media stats the tourism board required but we also created content they can exclusively use themselves.

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